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7 Tips to Avoid Elderly Heat Stroke and Exhaustion Seniors Nutrition Resources

During the hot months of the year it can be very difficult for any of our senior loved ones to keep hydrated and not over exhaust themselves. Our elderly loved ones may need some extra attention during the peak hours of the day to make sure that they are receiving enough liquids and are taking enough rest time throughout the day. Rest and water are some of the most important issues that elders face with on a daily basis, especially when it begins to warm up they may become forgetful about the importance of getting plenty of water and taking a break periodically during the day.

The University Of Chicago Medical Center specializes in studying in elder health and recently came out with a study that almost 40% of all heat-related sickness and deaths in the Nation were of those above the age of 65, senior citizens. This is a very serious issue to keep on your mind when taking care of your elder loved one. Here are 7 tips to elderly heat stroke and exhaustion senior’s nutrition resources:

  1. Make sure they drink water and plenty of it. As humans are bodies need to consume water to keep our bodies cool and hydrated, this is especially apparent in elders. Making sure they drink the adequate amount of water is imperative so they can reenergize and be able to enjoy their day.
  2. Taking small breaks throughout the day. Taking a 20-30 minute break several times throughout the day can not only refresh their body’s physical but also mentally. It will help them become more focused and have increase vitality through the day.
  3. Having a balanced diet and making sure each meal is nutrient dense. With proper nutrition our elderly loved ones will feel more comfortable, have more energy and be able to avoid decreased stamina during the day which can lead to heat stroke.
  4. Contacting your local Senior Center for Nutrition Resources. If you feel your elder loved one may not being getting proper nutrition during the day, your local Senior Center may be able to assist you in preparing healthy meals in addition to referring you to a nutritionist.
  5. Have a handheld fan available to them at all times. There are very light wait fans that your elder loved one can put in a purse or wear around their neck. Sometimes they may get a little flushed because of the heat and some cool air may do the trick to avoid heat stroke.
  6. Wearing the correct shoes and size. This may seem obvious but many elders do not have the proper footwear to walk around in as well as have the right shoe size.
  7. Asking them “How are you feeling?” By continuing to ask the how they feel or if they need to rest may save their lives. Sometimes our elder loved ones can be forgetful or stubborn and need to be reminded to take a break and have some water.


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