Assisted Living Monrovia, CA

Assisted Living Monrovia, CALos Angeles Assisted Living Facilities is a a FREE guide, specializes in placement and referral service for assisted living facilities that are well-equipped with amenities that help offer better care to the elderly and are warm, friendly and secure environments. There are several assisted living facilities in Monrovia such as The Gables of Monrovia, Royal Oaks, Westminster Gardens, The Carter Place, and Arcadia Retirement Village just to name but a few.

Monrovia Assisted Living offers excellent services flexible enough to suit any of your budget and other preferences. There are varying facilities and to ease your decision process you are assured of free senior care assessment and placement service.

The homes of Assisted Living in Monrovia are settlements designed in a way that they enhance security as well as boost comfort for the residence. This extends to the landscape that encourages meditation and relaxation. Amenities incorporated in the assisted living include libraries, activity rooms such as game rooms, and arts and crafts, attractive courtyards or gardens, dining rooms, barber shops and beauty salons and many more. They help enhance the seniors’ socialization, quality of life and activity.

All the Monrovia Assisted Living facilities’ are first-rated ensuring graceful well-being of seniors’ mental, physical, emotional and medical state. They also promote the seniors’ independence. The caring staffs in these facilities ensure the seniors are treated with much respect and dignity in a supporting community and satisfying lifestyle. We are at your service and will recommend you a suitable Monrovia Assisted Living facility that is aligned with your need. Found at the right hand side of the page, get in touch with us by rounding out your details on the form, and we will reply immediately.

Services Offered in Assisted Living in Monrovia

Services offered to the residents vary depending on the contract which indicates the extent of care a senior is to receive. Residents are served with fresh meals every day, and there is special diet accommodation e.g. vegetarian and kosher meal; they receive medical and local transport services to areas of their choice; care services such as being assisted with their personal care on a daily basis e.g. bathing, dressing, and hygiene; and have available staff around the clock as an emergency response system in Assisted Living in Monrovia.

Seniors are also provided with other services such as housekeeping; fitness program; medication management that entails administering, storing and ordering of drugs; incontinence care, for instance, toileting, companionship, concierge services and linen services, which is changing of bed and bath linen.

We ensure that residents enjoy the finest senior living by the high standard services we offer to them as well as the amenities present in the facilities. All our advisors have a wide-range of experience and are able to offer informative solutions on all senior care options available in Monrovia Assisted Living facilities.

Call (888) 365-4586 for a free senior care assessment.

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The Leven Oaks
$ 1,500
The Gables
$ 2,000