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The Importance of Having a Living Will

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About half of all American adults currently have a living will in place, which is at an all-time high but many industry analyzers are not content with that figure. There can be some sad consequences and problematic situations if you do not having a living will in place and much of it can be avoided with one.

Here is one of example of what can happen without a living will and the legal battles that may happen in return. In the year 1990 there was a young married women names Terri Schiavo living in Florida. One do she collapsed at her apartment on her face and become unconscious without a pulse or any breathing at all. Her husband quickly called 911 and she was taken to the emergency room. Doctors successfully restarted her heart and breathing but unfortunately her brain was without oxygen for far too long and was diagnosed in a persistent vegetative state. This vegetative state means there is no awareness and is almost completely unresponsive, however they still have sleeping patterns and may appear to be wide awake despite having no brain activity happening.

Her doctors did everything they could to try to improve her conditions but they were not getting any positive results. After 8 years of being in a persistent vegetative states her husband asked the hospital to remove the feeding tube which quickly started a legal battle between Terri’s husband and her parents. Her husband believed that Terri would not want to live in this state anymore, whereas her parents deeply believed that she had a small degree of awareness and was improving.. It took 7 years of legal battles and public coverage until the U.S. Congress finally stepped in to remove the feeding tube in 2005, she died 7 short days later.

If Terri had a living will in place it would have been a legally binding document that would have address her wishes if a situation like this would happen. This story is a testament of the importance of having a living will in place and reminds us of how fragile life really is. With a living will you can make sure your wishes are addressed and will assure that your family does the right thing in your honor. You can create a free living will that indeed works.

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