Artesia Christian Home

Facility Overview

Address: 11614 183rd Street, Artesia, Los Angeles, CA

(888) 365-4586

Care Provided: Assisted Living with Locked Dementia
Bedrooms: 115

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Artesia Christian Home has over 60 years of experience in elderly care and is supported by local Christian Reformed/Reformed churches. This Artesia assisted living promotes family values and base programs on each resident’s individual interests, strengths and weaknesses. Artesia Christian Home prides itself on respect and dignity while caring for the elderly. Their unique process of working off a waiting list proves it is a popular choice throughout the community.

This Los Angeles assisted living offers multiple levels of care and promotes wellness in all facets of the community. There are several styles of living offered, such as independent style living, assisted living as well as a skilled level care. With a staff focused on the highest quality of care, a safe environment is always a top focus at Artesia Christian Home. This assisted living prides itself on bringing the highest quality of care to its residents.

Various activities such as Bingo, professional performers and church visits are offered to choose from throughout the community. Artesia Christian Home offers off campus activities as well like trips to the mall and super market for an occasional change of scenery. Artesia Christian Home even gives it’s residents control over the food items being served through a “Food Committee.” This committee meets to discuss the food items served throughout the month and make changes based off of the feedback. Staying entertained is easy to do with so many different choices of events to participate in.

The programs and services at this assisted living in Artesia focus on the individual and what their particular strengths and weaknesses are and make programs based off of those needs.

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