Jeanne Jugan Residence

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Address: 2100 South Western Avenue, San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA

(888) 365-4586

Care Provided: Assisted Living
Bedrooms: 62

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Jeanne Jugan Residence assisted living community is located in San Pedro, C.A. Jeanne Jugan Residence is a unique senior community that provides compassionate and quality care. Our independent and independent living lifestyle offers our residents a fulfilling social life. We believe that wellness activities will keep you on the move for the best possible health. The living experience at Jeanne Jugan Residence is highly personalized. We take the time to know your life stories, family, dreams and friends.

The emphasis is letting you do what you can and helping you stay as independent as possible. We believe that caring for the elderly is special privilege and extremely rewarding. We understand that every resident is unique with various needs. Our dedicated staff focuses on every detail so that our services will be personalized and exceed all expectations. Our attention to detail is directed to every aspect of our operation.

Caring at its absolute best is extremely important to us. Our community is dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents every day with the highest level of quality services. This senior living environment promotes high levels of well being, peace and tranquility. Our focus is to provide an interesting, safe and exciting setting where our residents can continue their adventure in life.

Our residents will receive the daily support they need while remaining as independent as possible. Jeanne Jugan Residence is an ideal community for seniors who value their independence but still need some assistance. Our senior residents will only receive the best quality care, respect and compassion from all our staff. At Jeanne Jugan Residence our residents are in a safe, secure and tranquil environment.

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