Ocean Villa

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Address: 413 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA

(888) 365-4586

Price: $ 7,260
Care Provided: Assisted Living
Bedrooms: 36

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Ocean Villa is a true family owned and operated senior assisted living facility located in Santa Monica California. The owners and managers have 25 years of administrative experience within the retirement field with one of them being a registered nurse. The aim of these owners is to create personal involvement with each one of the individuals admitted into their care. Through their experience they have been able to work with a variety of gifted seniors who have helped them to gain better experience into all of the aspects of resident care, training of personnel and the administration aspect of the business as well.

Ocean Villa is an elegant and luxurious assisted-living facility for seniors and each and every employee is personally screened by experienced staff so that they will be able to deliver an unparalleled level of care. Each member of the staff is available 24 hours a day for a total capacity of 36 residents.

With rooms that are spacious and have private patios with ocean views, this truly is one of the nicest places that seniors can retire and enjoy assisted-living. Many of the rooms resemble that of a fine bed and breakfast.

Ocean Villa also features a beautiful parlor and events room which is furnished with a variety of antiques and also holds a fireplace which he comes a common meeting ground in the wintertime. Meals are provided from a fully gourmet kitchen and residents are given the choice to come to the dining hall or receive tray service to their room.

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