Regent Villa Retirement Home

Facility Overview

Address: 201 W Wardlow Rd, Long Beach, CA

(888) 365-4586

Price: $ 1,200
Care Provided: Assisted Living
Bedrooms: 188

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Regent Villa is a retirement community in Long Beach California. The facility is located just off of the 201 W. Wardlow Road and features both independent living facilities as well as assisted living facilities. With quiet nearby communities and access to close by amenities the seniors facility is located in the perfect area for seniors to enjoy independent comforts and close by access to stores and medical facilities.

The assisted living services are perfect for seniors that require help performing various daily tasks. The knowledgeable staff can prepare exercise programs as well as personal living help that will assist seniors in any way possible to allow them to call this assisted living facility home. With plenty of social and recreational opportunities this is a great place where seniors who require assisted living can live together and enjoy one another’s company as well as have access to programming and activities that are within their reach and accessible.

Independent living offers a great service to seniors who are still active and interested in seeking out social and recreational opportunities in a low-maintenance lifestyle setting. Independent living offers a variety of amenities within Regent Villa that can take care of seniors and ensure that their every need is met from dining to, laundry, and more. The independent living community can provide as many amenities as each individual senior requires as well as private living for them to enjoy.

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