Silverado Senior Living - The Huntington

Facility Overview

Address: 1118 South Stoneman Avenue, Alhambra, CA

(888) 365-4586

Price: $ 7,770
Care Provided: Assisted Living with Locked Dementia
Bedrooms: 30

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This smaller 1920s style memory care communities located in Alhambra California in a private neighborhood. This very quiet seniors facility is designed to help people experiencing some type of memory impairment. Whether seniors are affected by dementia, Alzheimer’s or other memory impairment issues this facility can offer up individualized memory care. Patients are given access to programming that can help them to improve their overall physical health as well as their mental health by engaging them socially and with physical activity.

This smaller communities perfect for providing seniors with pampering and a unique 1920s ambience in a beautiful manner set in a quiet community. The Huntington facility has all of the amenities necessary to help seniors feel at home. The community has its very own dog, Nico the Beagle who can provide pet therapy every day as well as programs that are suited to fit seniors of different levels of memory impairment.

The community limousine is available to take seniors out for appointments as well as coatings and special occasions. Residents get to ride in a real life limousine whenever they go out which can help with their self-esteem and give them real independence.

With the new expansion plan for 2015 this facility will feature 35 new beds. Seniors can also enjoy outings to nearby parks and communities such as Pasadena, the San Marino library in downtown Los Angeles. The administration of this community, Silverado has one senior administration of the year three times within the past 13 years making this another excellent facility.

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