Sunrise Assisted Living Of Claremont

Facility Overview

Address: 2053 N Towne Ave, Claremont, CA

(888) 365-4586

Price: $ 2,700
Care Provided: Assisted Living
Bedrooms: 81

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Sunrise of Claremont offers up private suites, companion suites, studio apartments and two-bedroom suites. Each of these options is perfect for seniors who are interested in keeping their independence while enjoying recreational programs of socialization. Companion suites and two-bedroom suites are perfect for groups of seniors or individuals who require constant living care from a caregiver.

Sunrise of Claremont is an active community of senior residents who are living in various stages of care. With activities that complement seniors of all activity levels and health, the social calendar at this facility is always full.

With a location close to Pomona valley Hospital medical Center, sunrise of Claremont has a variety of medical experts that are available for seniors at any time as well as close access to medical facilities in case of emergency. 24-hour staff is always available and made up of medical professionals as well as caregivers who are around to lend a hand for each one of the residents needs or preferences.

The facility features newly updated buildings and a beautiful walking pathcomplete with a stone community center. Grounds are maintained and the area is beautiful and quiet. Personalized care includes ongoing activities and award-winning meals made to each one of the residents preferences. Ongoing coatings and community days make for great social events and outings that seniors can enjoy every single week. Housekeeping also works to keep the entire facility clean and tidy for all residents to make things safer and much more manageable.

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