Villa Scalabrini Retirement Center

Facility Overview

Address: 10631 Vinedale Street, Sun Valley, Los Angeles, CA

(888) 365-4586

Price: $ 2,500
Care Provided: Assisted Living
Bedrooms: 130

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Villa Scalabrini is located in Sun Valley California is an open door loving home for the elderly. Facility services include access to daily exercise in a mini gym, with a stair climber stationary bicycles and free weights, as well as other equipment. Residents can also enjoy quiet surroundings which included ongoing programming and events that keep residents social and active.
The on-site library has a great and comfortable reading room with a variety of different literature and new works come again every day. Residents can enjoy entertainment and outings that happened on the grounds as well as using the transportation services.

House visits include dental and podiatry care as well as Barber and beautification services as an on-site convenience. Residents truly can enjoy all of the modern conveniences that they would find in Sun Valley California without ever having to leave the grounds. A small store and gift shop is also open on weekdays for all of the residents and visitors to provide small amenities and necessities that seniors might need.

Villa Scalabrini features multiple levels of care including an Alzheimer’s and dementia unit, independent living, assisted living and personal care. Independent living services can also add additional services such as shower services and laundry services and help when it comes to bathing, dressing and grooming and laundry. The independent living services offer the ultimate in privacy and independence for all residents, whereas assisted living provides routine visits from nursing assistants every two hours. With multiple levels of care in a state-of-the-art facility Vila Scalabrini is an excellent option in the Sun Valley California area.

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