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Secrets to Easing the Transition to Assisted Living

When we enter our later ages of our lives it can be very difficult coming to the realization that it is time to begin transitioning to an assisted living program. It is not only one of the biggest lifestyles changes to deal with but it also can be hard to understand what lies ahead. Although the transition has many negative thoughts around it, in reality it is a very positive step towards comfort and other benefits that your elder loved one can enjoy.

Many times though our elder loved ones do not directly understand or see the positive benefits from transitioning to an assisted living community. Here are some of the troublesome conditions of the move that many of us face:

  • Having to downsize in space and items. It can be difficult to go from a house to a one bedroom apartment in addition to getting rid of their personal items.
  • Changing your daily routine. Instead of having your typical dinner later at night around 9 pm, your elder may need to have it at 7pm now.
  • Dealing with the idea of being surrounded by others that are frail and disabled even when your elder is as wail disabled or frail.
  • Having the feeling of betrayal and abandonment from family and friends.
  • The ongoing idealisms of having their independence taken away from them.

Although they deal with these troublesome aspects of transitioning, many elder loved ones take it day by day and can quickly begin to cope with their new lives and find the benefits of assisted living. Such as having the opportunity to downsize in living space; it is less to keep up with and easier to get around. Another great positive that many elders find is prepared meals and snacks throughout the day. They no longer have to cook or buy groceries if they choose not to. They can simple go down to the café or wreck hall for their daily meals and snacks.

They will continue to adjust to their new home and quickly make new friends to spend their time with. With an abundance of activities, field trips and other relaxing visits; they will find many things to occupy their time with every day.



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