testimonialsArthur was such an important person to my sister and I when our father was living at a board and care facility a few years ago. He was extraordinary, he performed his duties in a very caring and professional way, but he also was truly a friend to my mother and to us. He gave us a level of comfort in a very stressful time. Jenny and Roxanne, Riverside CA

My husband and I were having a difficult time understanding what to do with his 85 year old uncle who has Dementia disease. We moved him from Lakewood CA to Anaheim at a moment’s notice. We had no resources due to being clueless of this illness. My husband and I had to rearrange our work schedule so one of us would be there due to her running away and it became very unsafe for him. I called Arthur, and he assessed the situation and, together, we were able to move our uncle into an Alzheimer’s assisted living facility within two days. If it weren’t for Arthur’s knowledge and quick assistance, we don’t know what we would have done. We appreciate everything he did to help us in this crisis. We would recommend him to anyone that is in need of this service.  Anna and Michael, Covina CA

Arthur was a tremendous comfort to my brother and I when we decided to move our mother into an assisted living environment. Not knowing exactly what to expect, we feel very fortunate that Arthur was there to make our father feel welcome and comfortable as well as answer any questions we had. His experience working with seniors was evident right away and made the transition to an assisted living environment much easier for our mother as well as for us. It has been several years now but when I think back it is Arthur and his caring that comes to mind.Susan and John, Los Angeles CA

Arthur is a very bountiful and caring person. Our aunt was a resident at the facility where Arthur knew was best fit for her cultural needs. When a crisis arose, Arthur was there. He also was a good friend, which made us feel that we could talk to him anytime about our concerns. Arthur is very qualified and we are quite convinced that he would do all that he could do to help make the right decisions for the family. It is such a stressful time for everyone concerned when dealing with their loved one.  Mary, Fullerton CA 

‘Thank You’ does not seem sufficient for all of the help that you gave us during this difficult time. Your understanding of who our father was as a person, as well as his medical needs was remarkable. Your willingness to go the extra step and take her to visit the various places was above and beyond anything we could have hoped for. We truly appreciate all that you did for us. Mike and Tracy, Irvine CA 

I am writing on behalf of my father, Jacob. He asked that I thank you for him for all of your help during this difficult time. I too wish to thank you for your ongoing concern and endurance in assisting my father in finding appropriate living arrangements for my parents. Your knowledge and ongoing support have helped ease the burden.  David, Ventura CA 

Arthur Mogilevski’s service is a blessing for people with aging parents in southern California who need help in placing them in facilities that are appropriate to their changing needs and budgets. He knows every eldercare facility in great detail: their backgrounds, their organization styles, the changing mix and quality of their services, the staff, and their costs and benefits. He makes searching for an appropriate placement, which can be a painful crisis in the lives of seniors and their family members, almost pleasurable.  Peter, Torrance CA 

My brother was in his end stages of Alzheimer’s. I received a message from the hospital that he had to go home or to a facility, but could no longer be helped at the hospital. CALIFORNIA HOME FOR SENIORS helped me locate a home for my brother the same day. California Home for Seniors made my life so easy at such a difficult time. Without their help I wouldn’t have known what to do. Thank you to all the staff members for their information and endurance, and for giving us peace of mind.  Jacob, Palm Desert, CA 

I had no family members to turn to. I was in a rehab center with a broken hand and congestive heart failure. I could not go back to my home for a while because it has stairs. I am older and my body is not healing as fast as I want it to. I was referred to CALIFORNIA HOME FOR SENIORS. I had to trust them to find a place for me to go to since I couldn’t view them myself. I am so thankful that social worker gave me their card. They found me a really nice facility and I am so happy. I will not be there for a long time because I have a home to go to, but for now I have a place I can call home, that I can afford, in the city I requested. I am well taken care of. Thank you  CALIFORNIA HOME FOR SENIORSWayne Cofax, Chatsworth CA 

When we decided it was time to find a place for my mother to live, I had no idea where to begin looking. After my first conversation with Arthur, I knew he had only our best interests in mind. His knowledge of the facilities in the area was so helpful to us in finding the right placement. His honest and caring approach makes it is easy to see he cares a lot about the people he works with. He helped to make this difficult transition go smoothly for all of us! Jackie, Pasadena CA 

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